Tokyo Pre-wedding Spring 2014 ( 7th, 8th April )

It's such good timing, I think Derrick Ong the photographer had forecasting ability. The break days that he sets in between the shoots always rains.

When I met up with Kate the bride, I was concerned as she was not feeling well and very sensitive to cold. Knowing the weather from the past few days of shooting, I prayed that the weather warm up in time. Getting to Roppongi on the first train in cold weather with luggage is no joke. Maybe this is the part I miss about Singapore. Cheap cab fares.

Our first stop was Shinjuku Gyoen. Taking the train in tokyo in a white bridal gown created quite a bit of attention as usual. But Edmund n Kate were quite oblivious to the attention.Kate was really quiet n demure, said she feels uneasy with photo-taking, not confident that she will look good.

But as the photo shoot went along, I see her gradually relaxing and opening up. Derrick was encouraging and I think helped increased her confidence in front of the camera. She looked like a princess under the lovely sunlight. A good photographer not only knows how to play with lights and framing, he also knows how to bring out the best side of his subjects. He succeeded too well in fact, evidence from the "couple fighting" scene we captured, on the glistening beach in Kamakura. Kate was a real playful cat that day haha.

I felt sorry that I had to rush off to Osaka in the afternoon though. Thanks Derrick for helping with my heavy luggage in Kamakura. Hope the rest of the day was as good for them. More videos to share. I think I am getting better at this video thingy.

My blessings to Edmund and Kate, have a great wedding ya.

Photography by Derrick Ong (to be posted)

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