Tokyo Spring Pre-wedding 2013

The photographers from Top Photography thought it might be too early for Sakura photo shoot when they scheduled some time ago, but coincidentally, Sakura bloomed early this year and its now in full bloom and starting to fall already due to heavy rains. So its lucky for Nic and Zixuan, catching the right moment.

Different photographers really have different styles, its quite interesting to  observe as a makeup artist. This shoot started with a detailed schedule to follow, and we were really on the dot. Difference is, there are 2 photographers this time instead of one. So I think there is more variety to the shots. I was not required to be lighting assistant but became a leaf thrower and seagull feeder for camera effects instead :p

I also love how we came upon a group of adorable japanese kids playing with fallen leaves at Yoyogi park and got them to spontaneously take a shot. That became my favorite picture.

I have helped almost every couple who came here for pre-wedding to get a hand bouquet of their choice. But this was by far the most challenging. To source for a blue rose which has a special meaning to Nic and Zixuan. Cant believe how difficult it was to find one in Tokyo, this special rose that I found is chemically treated and is meant to last forever, doesnt wilt or change. Expensive rose but meaningful. When I saw them tearing off the leaves from the rose stalk … my heart felt like its being shredded … :p

Some photos to share:

Photographs by Top Photography

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