Batu Pahat Adventure

Went to Batu Pahat for a job from 2-4 Dec 2011. Its the first time I am there, its a small peaceful town, quite different from JB and KL.

Glad I had 2 other colleagues with me, we shared a triple room in Garden Hotel, as the bride’s place is full.

When we arrived, we rested a bit before going to bride’s place for dinner. The bride’s place had a huge garden and there were monkeys living in the forest behind the house, what an interesting place to grow up in.

There were quite a no. of feastings throughout actual day, felt so pampered, eat and eat throughout the day. And there were firecrackers!!!


At the bride’s place, after makeup, while waiting for the groom and brothers to finish their “torture session” by the sisters.

In anticipation

The groom going through the final stage. Very cute.

Family photoshoot at bride’s place. The background is the forest where the monkeys reside. My colleagues did the makeup for the four sisters at 6am. It was a happy and enjoyable job for them, they said the sisters addressed them by “Jie Jie” instead of the usual “Auntie” haha.

family photoshoot

I like the car decoration alot, especially the back that has a silhouette profile of the couple. Creative.

Bridal Silhouette

It was very hot in the afternoon, and being so well-fed, my colleagues and I could not keep ourselves awake while waiting for time to pass. We had to wait until 3.30pm before doing makeup for the bridal party for the banquet dinner. Thankful that we had a place to rest and grabbed a little nap before that.

As the bride had short hair at her ROM and pre-wedding photoshoot in Singapore, I decided to give her a more romantic look with long hair for her AD. I am glad that she loved the images that I created. 🙂

First march in hair-do

Coming out from bridal car


Bridegroom and his bride waiting for their first march-in. They thanked me just before they marched in. These are times when I feel that all the hard work and effort is worth it. Seeing their happy faces and sharing their joy is something that money cannot buy.

Marching into a new life


The final image for the second march-in.

Romantic hairstyle

Like a Greek Goddess


Overall it was a satisfying experience. The bride said that she can see the difference in me, from the trial that I did for her on her photoshoot, to her AD, that I am more confident now than that time. 🙂 I just hope that I will keep improving and have the opportunity to grow and experience this exciting life as a makeup artist to my fullest.

Thanks Xiangying and Chew Peng for this opportunity, and wishing you all the best for your blissful future together.


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