My Makeup Philosophy


What is Makeup? Makeup is not about putting on different colors or to cover flaws on a face.  Makeup, if done well, can help to bring out one’s true beauty.

There are 2 kinds of makeup:

  1. Makeup that shows off one’s makeup ability
  2. Makeup that enhances one’s beauty

Both require an ability to analyze face structure and skin.  A beautiful makeup means bringing balance to facial features and improving skin texture for a flawless result.


Examples of different facial structures:


Close Set

Wide Set


Higher Focused

Lower Focused





Makeup can be in the form of the way we hydrate a dry face before makeup, the way we massage the face for makeup preparation, eg massaging to reduce eye bags or to uplift a droopy face.

It can also be the emphasis we place on the eyeshadow on the eyes to correct wide-set eyes, thereby bringing the eyes closer, or contouring a high forehead thereby creating balance.

There’s not one face that is the same, thus there is no “correct way “ to makeup.

More often than not, balance and symmetry is the key.

Thus having the ability to recognize facial and skin structure before working on a model is one skill that a good makeup artist should have, and ability to correct and bring balance is one that an exceptional makeup artist cannot do without.


An example of a perfectly

symmetrical and “beautiful” face created by Face Research.





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