Tokyo Spring Pre-wedding 2013

The photographers from Top Photography thought it might be too early for Sakura photo shoot when they scheduled some time ago, but coincidentally, Sakura bloomed early this year and its now in full bloom and starting to fall already due to heavy rains. So its lucky for Nic and Zixuan, catching the right moment.

Different photographers really have different styles, its quite interesting to  observe as a makeup artist. This shoot started with a detailed schedule to follow, and we were really on the dot. Difference is, there are 2 photographers this time instead of one. So I think there is more variety to the shots. I was not required to be lighting assistant but became a leaf thrower and seagull feeder for camera effects instead :p

I also love how we came upon a group of adorable japanese kids playing with fallen leaves at Yoyogi park and got them to spontaneously take a shot. That became my favorite picture.

I have helped almost every couple who came here for pre-wedding to get a hand bouquet of their choice. But this was by far the most challenging. To source for a blue rose which has a special meaning to Nic and Zixuan. Cant believe how difficult it was to find one in Tokyo, this special rose that I found is chemically treated and is meant to last forever, doesnt wilt or change. Expensive rose but meaningful. When I saw them tearing off the leaves from the rose stalk … my heart felt like its being shredded … :p

Some photos to share:

Photographs by Top Photography

Kyoto Autumn Pre-wedding Shoot 2012

I am thankful for the chance to go Kyoto during this period and experience the famous momiji – autumn leaves. Its breathtakingly beautiful. Daytime colors are intense already, but night time …. the special illumination is just indescribable. No wonder its a popular attraction every year.

Pity I cant take pictures of night scenes and capture the essence.

It was a bit of a rush as all of us arrived late. The bride Yian Chyi panicked that evening as she realized an obvious part of her gown was torn. I whipped out my sewing kit and saved the day. Now I appreciate the home economics class from my school days haha.

Some pics taken by my  iphone to share:





Some breathtaking landscapes:




Pre-wedding Photo Shoot Promotion

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Hot Mama

This is by far the most memorable maternity photoshoot I have ever done.

Firstly, the makeup was done in a warehouse filled with medical herbs. The poor lighting and ventilation really made makeup a challenge. I was straining so hard that my eyes teared. I swear my eyesight deteriorated by a year within that hour :p

The other memorable part was the super hot mum. Most of the maternity shoots that I have done, were usually at the client’s place, with soft lighting, seated on sofas, beds, muted colors and environment etc. This was so different. The mumie had the hottest attire ever, and she was so cool even when the people at the warehouse were staring at her with curious expressions as they walked by. She was in tube and hot pants, and totally comfortable with her pregnant body, how cool is that.

To add to that, the couple had a treasured bike that they used during their wedding shoot and ceremony. Of course, to make it complete, now they have maternity shots with the bike and maybe later their newborn photoshoot will be on the bike too 🙂

Some favorite shots of mine:


I love her free attitude and joyful nature. Even at this stage of her pregnancy, she’s active (jumping down from the bike, was caught by surprised when she did that), sitting in all kinds of weird positions and places, ever so smiley without complaints nor showing any signs of discomfort. Its encouraging for the ladies who are afraid of giving birth or experience changes to their body due to pregnancy. Salute to this cool hot mum!!

Photos by 123 Photography


Bride with most charming smile

Had the good fortune to meet the nicest bride I have ever serviced. Soft spoken, gentle yet lively with the brightest smile I have seen. Despite her busy day, she did not forget to take care of people around her, offering me drinks and food and asking about my well-being.

Because I was not in Singapore, the makeup trial was done just 3 days before her AD. I am really blessed her home is just walking distance from mine. For one with limited time on hand, its just perfect. On her AD, I am glad everything went smoothly and comments from guests were really good. Makes me happy to hear great comments on how beautiful the bride looks and that she likes what I had done.

One of the rare occasions that I do not need fake hair. The bride has a beautiful head of thick luscious hair that is so easy to set. Pictures taken for AD night dinner at Hilton Hotel. Was too busy to take the morning one :p

I dont like to take pics usually, but she warmly grabbed my hand and asked to take one together. Well, too charmed to say no 🙂


And the lucky groom to have married her …


Have a blissful married life and a beautiful baby soon 🙂



Casual Wear Photoshoot

Its always heartwarming to meet nice and appreciative clients, which I did for this trip back to Singapore. Though physically exhausted from the travelling and intensive work schedule, I really enjoyed the photoshoot.

The bride was very bubbly and we chatted while I was doing makeup for her, entertained ourselves a bit too much, that I took much longer than usual to finish. Quite happy with the result though, the bride liked my makeup so much that she considered asking me to do the makeup for her actual day. Flattered, though I will not be in Singapore for that time :p

The couple chose casual wear for their shoot, and had interesting “family members” that they wanted to include in their photoshoot, at a bookstore. They sent me a pic of what they will be wearing for the day, as seen below.

Yes, that’s right, their family members are the cuties printed on their T-shirt. They even did a very nice video announcing their wedding date starring the cuties. Pity I dont have the link, the video was original and special.

I dont have the shots at the bookstore yet, waiting for the super busy photographer Darren Poh from 1950 Photography to send me some. :p  Darren, if you see this, yes I am chasing!

After the shoot was completed, we went for dinner at New Harbour Cafe at Tanjong Pagar. Good food with great company, what more can one ask for. Eating alone often in Tokyo really makes me treasure such precious moments.

With my trusty i-phone, I managed to shoot a nice shot of the couple, who generously treated us to dinner and beer.

A perfect ending to a perfect day. Have a wonderful memorable wedding in November 🙂

Beautiful Mum

Had the pleasure of returning to Singapore for 2 weeks, ate my favorite hawker dishes and had a crazy work schedule. First job I took on was photoshoot makeup for a beautiful mum-to-be who had really nice features. If all my clients had such features, my job will be so easy haha.

Also, I got smitten by her dog, an extremely docile and cute member of the family, who fought to be the centre of attraction for each shot taken.

Below are some of the pics that I really like



The peace and joy exuding can be seen and felt ….

Pictures by 123 Photography


Current Location

Dear friends and clients

Thank you for your support all this while, and thank you for the continuous enquiries.

I would like to inform that I am currently based in Tokyo, Japan, thus I am unable to fulfill services in Singapore for the time being until further notice.

If you would like classes or pre-wedding makeup in Japan, please feel free to contact me! Special Singapore rates apply!

Contact Details:

Hp: +81 80-3606-7711

Skype: Hayashi.Yukiko

Warmest regards



Season’s Greetings

Batu Pahat Adventure

Went to Batu Pahat for a job from 2-4 Dec 2011. Its the first time I am there, its a small peaceful town, quite different from JB and KL.

Glad I had 2 other colleagues with me, we shared a triple room in Garden Hotel, as the bride’s place is full.

When we arrived, we rested a bit before going to bride’s place for dinner. The bride’s place had a huge garden and there were monkeys living in the forest behind the house, what an interesting place to grow up in.

There were quite a no. of feastings throughout actual day, felt so pampered, eat and eat throughout the day. And there were firecrackers!!!


At the bride’s place, after makeup, while waiting for the groom and brothers to finish their “torture session” by the sisters.

In anticipation

The groom going through the final stage. Very cute.

Family photoshoot at bride’s place. The background is the forest where the monkeys reside. My colleagues did the makeup for the four sisters at 6am. It was a happy and enjoyable job for them, they said the sisters addressed them by “Jie Jie” instead of the usual “Auntie” haha.

family photoshoot

I like the car decoration alot, especially the back that has a silhouette profile of the couple. Creative.

Bridal Silhouette

It was very hot in the afternoon, and being so well-fed, my colleagues and I could not keep ourselves awake while waiting for time to pass. We had to wait until 3.30pm before doing makeup for the bridal party for the banquet dinner. Thankful that we had a place to rest and grabbed a little nap before that.

As the bride had short hair at her ROM and pre-wedding photoshoot in Singapore, I decided to give her a more romantic look with long hair for her AD. I am glad that she loved the images that I created. 🙂

First march in hair-do

Coming out from bridal car


Bridegroom and his bride waiting for their first march-in. They thanked me just before they marched in. These are times when I feel that all the hard work and effort is worth it. Seeing their happy faces and sharing their joy is something that money cannot buy.

Marching into a new life


The final image for the second march-in.

Romantic hairstyle

Like a Greek Goddess


Overall it was a satisfying experience. The bride said that she can see the difference in me, from the trial that I did for her on her photoshoot, to her AD, that I am more confident now than that time. 🙂 I just hope that I will keep improving and have the opportunity to grow and experience this exciting life as a makeup artist to my fullest.

Thanks Xiangying and Chew Peng for this opportunity, and wishing you all the best for your blissful future together.



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