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Christmas Eve Tokyo Photo Shoot

Had a last minute confirmation for photo shoot near to Christmas. Glad Nagayama-san is available for the day. He is a Japanese photographer who is a breeze to work with. Its a luxury to be driven in a car in Tokyo, very thankful for that.

It was a photo session of 3 hours, as this beautiful couple was on a short holiday with family and pressed for time. I thought its quite difficult to take different scenes and places in such a short time, I was surprised by the speed of the photographer. We managed to take 4 places in Odaiba and also the streets of Shinjuku.

It was a really enjoyable shoot as Lex and Cathy were spontaneous, bubbly and fun. Gives me the impression that people from Philippines are all so warm and expressive.

Thank you for the sumptuous lunch. They generously invited me to to have Christmas dinner with their family, thinking that I am alone here in Tokyo, which really warmed my heart. Thank you for the pleasure to be able to work with you guys. Have a memorable wedding and blissful marriage thereafter 🙂

Too many pics, chose some close-ups to share.

Photography by Nagayama Masakatsu

Hot Mama

This is by far the most memorable maternity photoshoot I have ever done.

Firstly, the makeup was done in a warehouse filled with medical herbs. The poor lighting and ventilation really made makeup a challenge. I was straining so hard that my eyes teared. I swear my eyesight deteriorated by a year within that hour :p

The other memorable part was the super hot mum. Most of the maternity shoots that I have done, were usually at the client’s place, with soft lighting, seated on sofas, beds, muted colors and environment etc. This was so different. The mumie had the hottest attire ever, and she was so cool even when the people at the warehouse were staring at her with curious expressions as they walked by. She was in tube and hot pants, and totally comfortable with her pregnant body, how cool is that.

To add to that, the couple had a treasured bike that they used during their wedding shoot and ceremony. Of course, to make it complete, now they have maternity shots with the bike and maybe later their newborn photoshoot will be on the bike too 🙂

Some favorite shots of mine:


I love her free attitude and joyful nature. Even at this stage of her pregnancy, she’s active (jumping down from the bike, was caught by surprised when she did that), sitting in all kinds of weird positions and places, ever so smiley without complaints nor showing any signs of discomfort. Its encouraging for the ladies who are afraid of giving birth or experience changes to their body due to pregnancy. Salute to this cool hot mum!!

Photos by 123 Photography


Casual Wear Photoshoot

Its always heartwarming to meet nice and appreciative clients, which I did for this trip back to Singapore. Though physically exhausted from the travelling and intensive work schedule, I really enjoyed the photoshoot.

The bride was very bubbly and we chatted while I was doing makeup for her, entertained ourselves a bit too much, that I took much longer than usual to finish. Quite happy with the result though, the bride liked my makeup so much that she considered asking me to do the makeup for her actual day. Flattered, though I will not be in Singapore for that time :p

The couple chose casual wear for their shoot, and had interesting “family members” that they wanted to include in their photoshoot, at a bookstore. They sent me a pic of what they will be wearing for the day, as seen below.

Yes, that’s right, their family members are the cuties printed on their T-shirt. They even did a very nice video announcing their wedding date starring the cuties. Pity I dont have the link, the video was original and special.

I dont have the shots at the bookstore yet, waiting for the super busy photographer Darren Poh from 1950 Photography to send me some. :p  Darren, if you see this, yes I am chasing!

After the shoot was completed, we went for dinner at New Harbour Cafe at Tanjong Pagar. Good food with great company, what more can one ask for. Eating alone often in Tokyo really makes me treasure such precious moments.

With my trusty i-phone, I managed to shoot a nice shot of the couple, who generously treated us to dinner and beer.

A perfect ending to a perfect day. Have a wonderful memorable wedding in November 🙂


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