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Osaka & Tokyo Pre-Wedding Spring 2014 ( 9th, 11th April )

After consecutive days of pre-wedding shoots rising at 4am and resting late, I finally dozed off in the Shinkansen on the way to Osaka. It was a good re-charge. After checking into the hotel, I had a quick dinner, discussed with Kenny the bride on stuff and promptly knocked out in the comfortable hotel, totally ignoring the lively beckoning streets of Dotonbori which is a step away.

The couple this time, Hudioro and Kenny, rented a large comfortable van, where we could change clothes and hairstyles inside, and made traveling for the large party, made up of the bride's sister, mother, photographer and his lighting assistant, much easier.

I only got to learn who the photographer was during the shoot. The bride's mum said that he is one of the best in Indonesia. I later learnt that he is from Axioo, a name that Singaporean photographers all know of. I felt awed and humbled at the same time, by this charismatic person who is not only friendly and funny, he never failed to get me a share of snacks and drinks during breaks, even to the extent of helping with my makeup bags while he is shooting. A successful photographer who is talented, yet humble and cares for people, its such a blessing to know him. He even gave me some tips on marketing 🙂

With the bride's mum and sister close by attending to the bride's needs and a lighting assistant at hand, I only need to focus on touch up and changing hairstyles for the bride. This is the first time an outdoor shoot is so relaxed. With free time on my hands, I end up taking loads of videos on my iphone app. Below are some to share.

Thanks for the generous hospitality Hudioro and Kenny, it was an awesome time working with you, it felt like a weekend getaway. Thank you for also recognizing the value of my work and services with your generous tip, it meant a lot to me. May you have a wonderful wedding event January next year.

Photography by Ivan Mario from Axioo (to be posted)

Tokyo Pre-wedding Spring 2014 ( 7th, 8th April )

It's such good timing, I think Derrick Ong the photographer had forecasting ability. The break days that he sets in between the shoots always rains.

When I met up with Kate the bride, I was concerned as she was not feeling well and very sensitive to cold. Knowing the weather from the past few days of shooting, I prayed that the weather warm up in time. Getting to Roppongi on the first train in cold weather with luggage is no joke. Maybe this is the part I miss about Singapore. Cheap cab fares.

Our first stop was Shinjuku Gyoen. Taking the train in tokyo in a white bridal gown created quite a bit of attention as usual. But Edmund n Kate were quite oblivious to the attention.Kate was really quiet n demure, said she feels uneasy with photo-taking, not confident that she will look good.

But as the photo shoot went along, I see her gradually relaxing and opening up. Derrick was encouraging and I think helped increased her confidence in front of the camera. She looked like a princess under the lovely sunlight. A good photographer not only knows how to play with lights and framing, he also knows how to bring out the best side of his subjects. He succeeded too well in fact, evidence from the "couple fighting" scene we captured, on the glistening beach in Kamakura. Kate was a real playful cat that day haha.

I felt sorry that I had to rush off to Osaka in the afternoon though. Thanks Derrick for helping with my heavy luggage in Kamakura. Hope the rest of the day was as good for them. More videos to share. I think I am getting better at this video thingy.

My blessings to Edmund and Kate, have a great wedding ya.

Photography by Derrick Ong (to be posted)

Tokyo Pre-Wedding Spring 2014 ( 4th, 5th April )

Unexpectedly Pete and Emily didn't stay in Shinjuku but at the Tokyo Station Hotel. I had to spend an additional half hour for travel. Nevertheless, it was interesting as I had never been to the hotel before. Service and ambience was really nice.

Emily the bride had a vivacious laughter that lights up the place no matter where we went.
As the weather report forecasted rain on the 4th, the photographer Derrick Ong changed that to the half day shoot and we went to Yokohama. It was terribly windy on the day, challenging my hair setting skills. I was lucky to have a good photographer to save the day. I think he must be wishing I just gel Emily's hair down totally. Haha

Living in Tokyo for near to 2 years, I realized that there are still many places that I haven't been to. With these photo shoots, I got to explore more. I like the night scene of red brick warehouse at Yokohama very much. It's really beautiful.
Thanks for the opportunity to work with you guys. Admire how you guys can joke and smile through the cold, churning out great photos. Another video from this amateur. The strong wind made shooting it challenging :p

Congratulations Pete and Emily. Guess Emily will have a baby very soon, with the way Pete looks at her haha.

Photography by Derrick Ong (to be posted)

Tokyo Pre-Wedding Spring 2014 ( 1st, 2nd April )

Time passes by very fast with fun shoots, and this is truly one of them. Haoyu the groom gets into the character whenever he gets cued by photographer Derrick Ong, even singing a love song under a Sakura tree on the spot. No wonder he won the heart of beautiful bride Peiyen. Both of them were spontaneous and game to try anything, coupled with a fun photographer with a good eye, we had a winning combination.

We went Fuji Five Lakes area for the other half day shoot, which matched the short dress worn, making Peiyen look like a swan princess. We also chanced upon a quaint little village renting out kimonos and we had the couple dress up as samurai and noble lady. There was a moment where we caught a clear view of Mount Fuji. Lucky!

It was a truly enjoyable shoot for me, an adventure filled with laughter and love.

Below are some behind the scene shots to share.

A hairstyle that I particularly liked. The bride didnt have enough length and volume for this look, so I twisted some in, I think this look suits her a lot.

Also used an iPhone app to take a short video. This is the first time I am using the app, so it turned out funny for the first one I took.

Congrats Haoyu and Peiyen, may this be the start of a great marriage that inspires generations to come.

Photography by Derrick Ong (to be posted!)

Matsumoto Spring 2013

As Sakura bloomed earlier this year, by the date of this scheduled shoot, the blooms in Kyoto and Tokyo were gone. So we “chased” after the blooms and went to Matsumoto in Nagano, 3 hours by bus from Tokyo. It was a wise decision by the photographer Nathan. We found a Sakura haven.

We arrived early and went to check out good photo spots. Its really a vast difference from Tokyo, I think population is very low there. Which is a good thing for photo taking, no need to stop traffic 😛

The bride Charmaine likes simplicity and no fuss. Even her gowns reflect that. So makeup and hairstyle is played down as per her request. Simple is beautiful, natural beauty.

Some photos, I dont know who took what, we had a fun time sending each other iphone taken pics:



Taken at hotel before we set off:

Pictures compliments from Charmaine:


Photography by Nathan Wu


Kyoto Spring 2013

Sakura bloomed a week earlier than expected this year in Tokyo, coupled with strong rains and wind, so it was tough for pre-wedding photo shoot couples from overseas who had hoped to take the sight of full bloom. Nevertheless, a good photographer can always transform ordinary scenes into extraordinary ones.

Took Shinkansen and went up to Kyoto for this pre-wedding makeup. Though not my first time there, its a nice change from city Tokyo. Love the architecture and old charm of Kyoto, no matter which season. The streets are fairly less occupied compared to Autumn season.

Very sweet looking bride, Michelle I have this time, I thought she looked like 萧亚轩from the pic that she sent to me. I gave her more romantic styles which I think suited her well.

Nathan the photographer is the more relaxed kind, I feel …. he has this calming effect on people. The photos look ethereal and beautiful.

Pics from my iphone :


Pics that Michelle sent to me:



Congrats to Royce and Michelle, have a blissful wedding

Photography by Nathan Wu


Tokyo Spring Pre-wedding 2013

The photographers from Top Photography thought it might be too early for Sakura photo shoot when they scheduled some time ago, but coincidentally, Sakura bloomed early this year and its now in full bloom and starting to fall already due to heavy rains. So its lucky for Nic and Zixuan, catching the right moment.

Different photographers really have different styles, its quite interesting to  observe as a makeup artist. This shoot started with a detailed schedule to follow, and we were really on the dot. Difference is, there are 2 photographers this time instead of one. So I think there is more variety to the shots. I was not required to be lighting assistant but became a leaf thrower and seagull feeder for camera effects instead :p

I also love how we came upon a group of adorable japanese kids playing with fallen leaves at Yoyogi park and got them to spontaneously take a shot. That became my favorite picture.

I have helped almost every couple who came here for pre-wedding to get a hand bouquet of their choice. But this was by far the most challenging. To source for a blue rose which has a special meaning to Nic and Zixuan. Cant believe how difficult it was to find one in Tokyo, this special rose that I found is chemically treated and is meant to last forever, doesnt wilt or change. Expensive rose but meaningful. When I saw them tearing off the leaves from the rose stalk … my heart felt like its being shredded … :p

Some photos to share:

Photographs by Top Photography

Kyoto Autumn Pre-wedding Shoot 2012

I am thankful for the chance to go Kyoto during this period and experience the famous momiji – autumn leaves. Its breathtakingly beautiful. Daytime colors are intense already, but night time …. the special illumination is just indescribable. No wonder its a popular attraction every year.

Pity I cant take pictures of night scenes and capture the essence.

It was a bit of a rush as all of us arrived late. The bride Yian Chyi panicked that evening as she realized an obvious part of her gown was torn. I whipped out my sewing kit and saved the day. Now I appreciate the home economics class from my school days haha.

Some pics taken by my  iphone to share:





Some breathtaking landscapes:





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